Our company Bej Rubber Plastic Chemical Industry and Trade Inc.has joined to the sector with industrial based chemicals in Bursa/Turkey in 2009. As a company operating in the field of industrial cleaning, care and maintenance chemicals, Bej Rubber Plastic Chemical Industry and Trade Inc., creates effective solutions for a wide range of sectors, such as automotive, machinery, textiles, food,agriculture and livestock sector and civil defence. By our company coached and expert sales deparment we sell our products; which are all our self-made manufactures, across the country. Besides, we provide our customers one to one support, both in the process of negotiations and the application of the product. Our centerline and the motto of our company is humane and environmentalist production. We reflect this mentality to our customers whom we also accept as our business partners by our qualified human resources and certificates. With the products partaking in our portfolio, we guarantee to dissolve and remove the industrial pollution succesfully and give the accurate and necessary care service securely, that occurs in any step of production. Aforementioned products are; Concentrate Alkaline Oil and Dirt Removers Concentrated acidic rust removers and system cleaners Concentrated industrial skin care and personel hygiene products Industrial general cleaning and maintenance chemicals Solvents Preventive oils Technical maintenance and protection spray

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